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Notes by Peter Downs.

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Titus, along with Timothy, was one of the young men who accompanied Paul on his travels, who he instructed in all things the Lord God revealed to him. Reference 2 Timothy 2: 2 as follows, ‘And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

Concerning the truth regarding His Person.
Concerning the truth regarding His purpose for men.
Concerning the truth regarding His purpose in sending His Son into the world.
Concerning the truth regarding the Church, its order, and authority. Its command to teach the truth as revealed by the Apostle Paul by verbal instruction, and then in letter form inspired by the Lord.

One of the most important instructions that the Apostle Paul practised was the preaching of the Gospel that all men everywhere may hear the message of God’s love for sinful man, expressed in the Crosswork of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that man might by repentance be gathered into the fold of God.
TITUS was a Gentile (Greek) Gal. 2:1-3. We have seen that Timothy was given the care of the Ephesian Church, while Titus was given the care of the Corinthian Church 2Cor. 7:6,7 and 8: 6,16.
In the year A.D 63 – 64, we read that Timothy and Titus are again on their travels with Paul with the purpose to leave Timothy at Ephesus and Titus at Crete to provide leadership in the Church. Titus 1: 5 being a disorganised Church.

The purpose of the letter was to inform Titus that Paul was sending Artemas or Tychicus to replace him at Crete with the instructions to come to him at Nicopolis having set in order the things that were wanting. The last mention of Titus is in 2Timothy 4:10, when we read Titus had left Paul to go to Dalmatia.
From the above Titus had visited Paul in prison, then left to continue a work for the Lord in Dalmatia. Titus’ character was one of an outgoing nature.


Introduction – Chapter 1:1-4
Personal Greetings to Titus v4
Directions concerning Elders v5-9
Directions concerning false teachers vl0–16
False teaching identified v10-12
The duty of Titus v13-14
False teachers denounced v14–16

Chapter 2
Direction regarding members in the Church v1-10
Aged men and women v1-5
Young men v6–8
Servants v9-10
The basis of the Godly life v11-15
Grace v11-12
Glory v13–15

Chapter 3
Directions concerning the godly life v1–11
Christian conduct towards the heathen v1-8
Christian response to heretics and heresy v9-11