(1) That Israel is replaced by the Church.

(2) Israel, therefore, has no future.

(3) All prophetic promises for Israel are transferred as blessings for the Church. (Presumably the curses are left to be upon Israel).

(4) The judgment upon Israel and destruction of Jerusalem with its Temple was the result of the rejection of their Messiah as a permanent fact. (NB. The judgment was only pronounced by Jesus for that generation of His earthly life. Jesus said, “You will not see Me again UNTIL you say, ‘Blessed be He who comes in the Name of the LORD’”. Matthew 23:39. This will be His Second Coming – “His feet shall stand upon the Mount of Olives; He shall be King of Israel in Jerusalem.” Zechariah 14:4, 9 & 16.)

(5) Puts the Church back into the Old Testament. This also is clear error. See Romans 16:25-26; Ephesians 3:9; Colossians 1:26-27, – where the ‘Church’ is called a ‘Mystery’, held back in God’s secrets until the time of the establishment of the Church at that special Day of Pentecost. (See page 30 of my enclosed book on the ‘Nation of Israel – its Foundation, Function, Failure and Future’).

(6) Says that we are all – who are saved – the children of Abraham by faith. True – but that does not negate the national and physical promises to the natural seed of Abraham, the Jewish people – the nation of Israel. This includes the Land of Israel; Jerusalem – City of the Great King (Psalm 48), the Unconditional Covenantswith Abraham, David and the New Covenant with Israel, which includes promises to Jerusalem in Jeremiah 31:38-39. Also Jeremiah 31:35-37 & ch. 33:19-26 which say that while creation exists, Israel will exist as God’s nation, plus the Davidic Covenant will stand true, in the same context. Israel will have a future King.

    Psalm 105:8-10 confirms that God has kept His unconditional Covenant towards Israel – even to a thousand generations. This contains “oath”; “decree”; and “everlasting Covenant”.

   In the future God will make Israel a righteous and a holy nation for the sake of His Holy Name (Ezekiel 36:22). Also God promises to make Israel ‘the head nation and no longer the tail nation’. Deuteronomy 28:13.

Replacement theology began when the Church departed from the literal-grammatical-historical interpretation of Scripture, especially Biblical Prophecy. This literal-grammatical-historical system of hermeneutics results in the Premillennial interpretation of Scripture – especially Bible Prophecy. The early Church was Premillennial for at least the first two centuries of the Church.

So, how did Amillennialism come into the Church and when? This system all began with Origen, Clement of Alexandria and later, Augustine, with their Greek philosophical thinking towards Biblical interpretation. (See pages 30 & 31 of my book).This system has passed on through the centuries until today in much of the Evangelical Church in additional to traditional Christendom. Bear in mind that Augustine was the ‘Father’ of Roman Catholicism.

    Covenant theology is in gross error by saying that the Church either began with Adam or Abraham. No – the Church began on the particular Day of Pentecost. Jesus had said, “I will build My Church” – future. (Matthew 16:18). The ‘Baptism of the Spirit’ (1st Corinthians 12:13) is the term relating to the truth of the Believer being ‘plunged’ into the Body of Christ, upon believing the Gospel and being saved – added to the true Church – the Body of Christ. This was a new truth and a new statement, never applied in the Old Testament to Israel. Acts 1:4-5 makes this abundantly clear from the lips of Jesus.

The Church has three unique truths relating to it that never applied to Israel:

(1) The Church is composed of Jew and Gentile saved.

(2) Promise of a Rapture for living Believers when Christ comes for His Church and Bride to be.

(3) Christ lives in Believers, also the Holy Spirit.

The Church is a distinct new Body, never revealed in the Old Testament.

When the Church is complete and removed, God resumes His dealings with Israel.